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Elevation Drafting Company

Drafting and Home Design

Elevation Drafting does plan work and construction documents for new houses, remodels and additions, finished basements, and anything in which you need a plan or permit.  Elevation also does photo like renderings for exterior and interiors to help envision projects and for sale purposes. From swinging a hammer to clicking a mouse, Elevation has the experience to help you with any project.

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Who or What is Elevation Drafting?

My Story

I started out framing houses around 2004-05, a year or so out of high school. There has always been something special about a house to me. Cool roof lines, big columns w/ stone bases, big windows, thick walls, inviting porches. The structure, the shape, the safety. Not only a house, but someone's home. After building lots of houses through many hot summers and many cold winters, I finished my associates degree in Architectural Engineering Technology.

I took my newfound skills to Des Moines, IA where I worked for a structural engineering firm building commercial buildings. Cube life wasn't for me and realized I'd rather be drawing houses and not commercial buildings. I worked for a local builder and then a house plan company in Elkhorn, NE. I learned a lot from them about making good plans and learned some new skills with other programs as well. 

I left the Elkhorn office as my wife decided to try travel nursing. We hit the road and I started to mold my new business as we ventured to Montana and Washington. I grew my skills and gained fresh perspective of what lies beyond the Omaha metro. Different way of life, hobbies, weather, and other things all affected home designs in a different manner. I took the journey and lessons back with us as we got back to Iowa and I decided to go full time with Elevation Drafting Company.

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Method to the Madness

Most people aren't even sure where to start, let alone what the process is for designing a new home or project.


In the Beginning...

We meet! Whether in person or over emails and phone calls we meet and go over your project. You can bring all your ideas to the table, along with any pictures or examples of things you like. We can then mash it altogether to create your dream home.  Deposit is required to begin and after that Elevation will start on your 'prelim set'.


What's a Prelim Set!?

Depending on work load and size of project Elevation Drafting will get a 'prelim set' to you to review. Normally will be a few sheets in a .pdf that will have the layout of your project so you can see how it all fits together. Sometimes will also have the electrical plan and exterior pics. No one is perfect, and though sometimes we nail it in one try, there is always room for improvement. So this is where we go back and forth a few times, tweaking the plan until we get exactly what you're looking for.

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Final Draft and CDs

After you approve of the floor plan for your project, I take the plan and add necessary notes required by city ordinances and codes to allow for the plans to pass for permits and also to convey the correct information to the contractors involved. Fairly painless and if all goes smoothly we can get you a finished plan within 2-3 weeks, depending on size and owner/builder feedback, from start to finish..

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Home: Illustrations

YOU Dream. I'll Draw.

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Glenwood, iA


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